Jeff + Jessica Skinner


In all my years photographing weddings, this one may have been the most JOYFULL!  Everyone was smiling, laughing and just full of joy.  Jess and Jeff exuded happiness and love.  Most of my images are of them smiling, or laughing or teasing each other.

You may say, well it is a wedding, as it should be.  Weddings tend to be somewhat stressfull and people can get caught up in things that in the end, don't really matter.

It was such a blessing to be a part of your day Jessica and Jeff.  From the moment we met I knew that you were my perfect couple, creative, trusting and life loving.

Not to mention that it was at the Mellon Auditorium with the amazing Jessica Brown from Simply Chic Events who I keep having the pleasure of working with, she is seriously a dynamic planner!  Rick from Amaryllis once again blew everyones minds with his arrangements.  Working with the best in town definatley has its advantages;)

Looking forward to more wedding in DC with these amazing people and all the incredibly brides and grooms that live there!



I have been going through work today for a publication request of beautiful brides and realized once again how gorgeous our girls are!

We have been blessed over the years to work with amazing women, who are chic, stylish, modern and classy.  i think we would all say that it has made our job very easy:)

I am posting just a few of the hundreds of beautiful ladies we have had the pleasure to work with.  Trust me, the reason the images are so breathtaking is because of what was happening inside that day. Thank you for sharing that part of you with us, for trustng us and for letting us see you...



As photographers we are all seeking the perfect light, whether it is available or augmented, understanding it is what can make or break a shot.

Sometimes you get lucky and walk into a room and voila, it awaits you, nothing fancy, nothing to enhance, it just is. The key is how you maximize this light, how you see it, how you translate it and how you evoke the emotion of it.

These are some of my favorite images this year from a wedding at the Evergreen Library in Baltimore.  There was a lot more lovliness that day but I thought I would share these to start.

"The moment you take the leap of understanding to realize you are not photographing a subject but are photographing light is when you have control over the medium." - Daryl Benson


Comora and James

Oh man, it's all in the details!!  Bling, bling was the theme of this ever fabulous W Hotel wedding!  Comora came soaring into my life with all her beauty and ideas of how her day was going to play out and she did not dissapoint!  She and James were so much fun and made my job so easy with their incredible style and fun loving spirits!

A hot day in August with no chance of venturing outside doesn't matter when you are shooting at this fab DC venue.  Jodi and her team at Evoke, knocked this one out of the park and gave us so much pink and diamonds to work with, what girl wouldn't be happy:)  Thanks ladies for pulling off this incredible display of lushiousness!

Comora and James, so incredible to work with you both!  Thank you for making my photos sing!


Up from Under and Jeremy Cowart!

One love!!!

Thanks to Jeremy and all his support, so blessed to be the first guest post on his Blog!

Check it out here...

Jeremy Cowart Photography