Online Wedding Invitation: Is It Effective?

Everyone would want a memorable wedding, right? The day where you and your partner make a sacred promise to live till the death do you apart. You want that important moment to be witnessed by significant people in your life. The presence of these people will make the atmosphere of the wedding day even more intimate. Some couples want their wedding party to be a moment where many people gather to celebrate their happy day. However, there are also some couples who only want their closest relatives to come to celebrate.

Online Wedding Invitation: Is It Effective?
Online Wedding Invitation: Is It Effective?

The preparation of a wedding day is not an easy thing to do. As an example, to spread their happy day, they will make a wedding invitation. That’s right, wedding invitations seem to be on the top of the list of preparations needed. They will try to make their wedding invitation to have a visual that would attract the attention of the people they invite. A lot of couple will hire a special graphic designer to make the wedding invitation. But, of course, we will also see couples who prefer something simple. They will prepare all their wedding preparations, including the wedding invitation as simple as possible.

Recently, there is a wedding invitation which seemed to be a solution for couples out there who like everything simple that doesn’t take up much work. That’s right, it’s an online wedding invitation. Does that sound familiar to you? Or is it the first time you ever heard of it? And is the online wedding invitation something that can be used effectively? We are going to talk more about the one and only online wedding invitation.

Helping those of you who have a busy schedule

When preparing for a wedding, the bride and groom will be very busy. It happens a lot where there must be one or two things that are forgotten, and it could be the wedding invitation. But worry no more about it, with this online wedding invitation, the couple don’t need to feel confused anymore. This is an online based invitation, right? So, all you need to do is send the online wedding invitation link to the relatives you are going to invite. It won’t take much time. It is very much practical.

Online Wedding Invitation: Is It Effective?
Online Wedding Invitation: Is It Effective?

Various Design and Attractive Features

If you think that online wedding invitations would look plain and boring, then you are wrong. Various features and attractive designs are available so you can choose a wedding invitation that suits your wishes. In fact, you can choose the backsound and video to be inserted in your online wedding invitation.

It has no limitations in space and time

Another advantage of online wedding invitation is that you can send these invitations anywhere and anytime, without any time and space limitations. Everything related to shipping can easily be adjusted according to need.

It saves more money and environmental-friendly

One of the most attractive benefits of online wedding invitations is that it takes less money than printed invitations, as it does not require printing and transportation costs to send invitations.

Wonderful Wedding Ideas

In a wedding, there are many themes that we can take to create a beautiful wedding atmosphere. The wedding ideas themes that we can choose and determine for our weddings such as natural themes, landscape themes, foreign themes or the themes that display and maintain traditional impressions in a particular areas that we are familiar with. However, if we want to make it all, we certainly need to be familiar with the theme we will choose. They all about how we decorate it, decorate our wedding hall or building, as well as whatever is needed in it. Sometimes, the budgets needed to make it all come out quite larger. Therefore, we need to consider and prepare everything that need for our wedding. Our wedding ideas will be decided how our wedding party quality.

How to Realize Wedding Ideas by Using Interesting Themes

The theme of wedding is very board. We can specify it all through various that we know about wedding ideas that we can apply. There are many ways we can do to make our wedding as grand as possible. That’s all of course by choosing one of unique themes of wedding ideas.

  • White Shades on the Beach Wedding Ideas

The exoticism of the beach is often chosen by the bride and groom in order to realize the dream romantic wedding. Even the beautiful natural scenery no longer needs to be given a luxurious wedding decorations, but enough with shades of white that seem simpler, more modern and more elegant.

Beach Wedding Ideas
Beach Wedding Ideas
  • Casual Wedding in the Park

The wood decoration looks warm when we blend it with the green garden. Even the wedding chair is made of green grass. While the bride and groom steal the attention wrapped in all white clothing.

  • Morocco Style Wedding Ideas

The exotic Moroccan nuances can give more luxurious details to our wedding decorations. Especially with bright colors that attract attention, so that a distinctive carving will look beautiful combined together with.

  • Picnic Wedding Ideas

Wedding becomes a pleasant moment. It is not only for the bride but also for the guests present. There are the couples who packed a wedding into a picnic party in the garden. Compared to chairs, mats with cushions on it are stretched for a warm and relaxed wedding party atmosphere. There are also balloons and bunting flags that add color to the decorations of that flower on our wedding ideas.

Picnic Wedding Ideas
Picnic Wedding Ideas
  • Paper Flowers Wedding Ideas

Compared to living flowers that look classic and romantic, decoration with using paper flowers makes the atmosphere more playful and warm. Coupled with a choice of paper flowers by combining with bright colors that will make guests take photos in every corner of the décor.

  • Healthy Wedding Ideas

As the name implies, this wedding party will not hoard fat due to sweet foods and high cholesterol, cause the menu is replaced with fruit juice and the snacks are vegetables. There are even yoga sessions in the series. It can be replicated for us and our partner to adopt a healthy lifestyle for guests.

Wedding Ideas Theme

As we know that everyone wants a wedding that is modern wedding and up to date. However, on the other hand, there are also people who want a wedding that does not want to leave their traditional impression, both local and customary areas abroad. But it still also wants to show its modern impression. That means that it can be called a contemporary our wedding style.

There are many wedding inspirations with regional themes that we can determine and apply or understand it. So that later we are not mistaken in preparing everything for our wedding. But before that, we also need to adjust and consider how much we have to pay to realize a wedding ideas theme by using regional traditions. The budget will usually be more expensive than a normal wedding.

The Ways to Use Regional Traditions of Wedding Ideas

Nowadays, there are many wedding decoration service providers that offer many and varied advantages. One of them is providing regional traditions of wedding. We just to suitable all for our wedding needs. In essence, we want to create a different atmosphere in our wedding. We can imitate some styles of wedding with using regional tradition themes, below.

  • Village Nuance in the Building Wedding Ideas

Getting back to the village experience can be obtained even if we choose a luxurious building as a wedding receptions location. We can replace the flowers with choosing some of green leaves from banana trees as a background. But not only that, the aisle is also made of bamboo rattan in order to bring the impression of a thick village. Everybody think that it is a great way to choose for wedding more unique.

Wedding Ideas
Wedding Ideas
  • Japanese Theme Wedding Ideas

Rather than choosing a kebaya of an international style dress. This bride actually wears a kimono to give a Japanese style of wedding feel to her wedding. The Japanese theme is also displayed from the cherry trees and the distinctive red gate. If we want to have a wedding decorations more different than usual, we may choose it as better way.

Japanese Theme Wedding Ideas
Japanese Theme Wedding Ideas
  • European Empire Wedding Ideas

Magnificent and luxurious European royal wedding decorations will make the bride like a prince and princess in a day of wedding. There’s no need to bother looking for a reception location that resembles a typical European royal ornament there. With a three dimensional backdrop that looks majestic like the design of fourteen fifteen design house and el decoration. We can realize our dream of being a princess in one day.

European Empire Wedding Ideas
European Empire Wedding Ideas
  • Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Minimalist wedding decoration but still looks bold with structural lines is not only attractive to be used as home decoration, but also a wedding party. We can replace the flowers with placing a succulent terrarium or choosing a clean white color to build this theme of our wedding ideas. This theme of wedding ideas will make us more satisfied and it is one of the exact choices to choose from. Don’t forget to prepare everything needs!

Decorations of Wedding Ideas

Everyone surely wants a unique wedding that can impress the invited wedding guests. A wedding will usually be made as well as possible and as much as possible because it will only be held once in a lifetime. Therefore, many of us create creative wedding ideas that can realize all of our dreams in a wedding.

One of the priorities of everyone to make a wedding so interesting is how to create unique decorations for our wedding parties and receptions. There are so many inspirations for us to create unique decorations for our wedding to make them look more impressive. Although the costs to be incurred for it are quite large.

Unique Decorations of Wedding Ideas

To make unique decorations of wedding ideas, we can apply innovations of it according to what something that need in this time for a wedding. It will be easier for us to do if we want to sacrifice time, thought and cost. Here are some unique decorations for weddings that we can apply on our wedding. Among them are:

  1. The Javanese Nuances in a Green Park Wedding Ideas

The thick Javanese theme is not always illustrated by the traditional gebyok wedding model. A casual outdoor wedding party can also be tucked in with a touch of classic Javanese like the decorations performed by the Indonesian “dalang”. The wooden chair is replaced by a backdrop wrapped in batik, while the tables are added with several cushions as a guest seats which makes the party atmosphere seem warm.

Javanese wedding
Javanese wedding
  1. Make Fun Wedding

Wedding decorations are not always made romantic with hundreds of flowers. To get a warm and casual wedding party, bright colors can be used as decorations. As inspirations, decorations of paper flowers, ribbons and colorful windmills created by Jonquilla decoration can be applied.

Fun Wedding
Fun Wedding
  1. Garden Room Wedding Ideas

Having an outdoor wedding is indeed full of risks, such as rain or other bad weather. But, if our dream wedding is a wedding in the garden, why we are not bringing a garden into the reception building like this. The nuances of the park are felt with the aisle made completely green and full of flowers, but the atmosphere is certainly more comfortable because it is inside the building.

  1. The Legendary of The Beatles Wedding Ideas

For fans of the legendary musicians of the Beatles will get a lot of inspiration. After seeing outdoor wedding decorations conducted by leave-decoration. The garden wedding party was conjured up with a retro feel. Plus the pictorial attributes of the British band made the Beatles wedding theme even more total.

Beatles Wedding Ideas
Beatles Wedding Ideas
  1. Full Flower Wedding Ideas Sofia Vergara

The wedding of Sofia Vergara and an actor Joe Manganiello is the dream of many women in the world, including in Indonesia. The entire ballroom to the aisle is covered in millions of flowers. It is dominated by white color, feel classic but romantic and timeless. Even more than that wedding, we can make and create even more unique wedding decorations.

Shari’i Style Wedding Ideas

Making a beautiful wedding party and according to our wishes is the dream of every person who will get married. Although the concept of international- style luxury wedding is now increasingly popular with young people today, but nit a few also want to make a simple wedding ideas reception in accordance with Islamic law.

As muslims with the largest majority in Indonesia, the wedding party has also been arranged in such a way as to be in accordance with what was ordered by Allah. Wedding is according to Islamic sharia is also called shari’i wedding or shari’i marriage. If we are curious about what the facts about this shari’I wedding are, we can check out the full reviews below.

  1. Marriage Contract Without The Bride Shown

On a wedding contract, it is very common when the bride is next to the man when makes a pledge of loyalty before the prince. However, in a shari’I wedding, the bride must not be shown publicly before being legally married. In fact, it’s good if the bride is not shown at all in front of male guests. This is intended to keep the bride who is appearing all out with different makeup than usual. This is great wedding ideas based on religion.

Marriage Contract Without The Bride Shown
Marriage Contract Without The Bride Shown
  1. The Male and Female Wedding Guests who Come Must be Separated

Other thing that distinguishes shar’I wedding from marriage in general is a separate place between male and female wedding guests. Indeed, it might look more complicated, but actually the purposes of this separation are very noble. The goal, surely is that male and female wedding guests do not cross paths directly.

  1. Meals for Male and Female Invited Guests are Separated

In addition to a separate guest rooms, it surely for meals must also be separated. The wedding owners are encouraged to provide the best and sufficient meals with the number of guests invited because this is a wedding party to share the happiness of the bridal couple. One thing that must not be violated also is that there should be no alcohol or non-halal food in the food served.

Invited Guests are Separated
Invited Guests are Separated
  1. Expand Chairs So That There are No Guests Invited who Eat while Standing

The number of seats provided at a wedding must have also be considered. As the host, we must have to provide enough seats with the number of guests invited present. According to the sunnah of the Prophet, eating and drinking should be done while sitting. If the chairs provided are not enough, then how will invited guests feel comfortable when eating or chatting with other friends present? Therefore, standing wedding parties are not recommended in this shar’I wedding. It is not good wedding ideas to provide standing wedding parties.

  1. Simple Bride Makeup

Generally, the bride is made up thick so she can look different on her wedding day. However, this does not apply to shar’I wedding. Instead, the bride should be made up with simple and natural makeup so as not to overdo it. Because Islam religion does not encourage women to overdo themselves.

Fun and Intimate Reception of Wedding Ideas

The composition of our wedding reception for each couple in Indonesia is on average quite standard and easier to predict. In general, the arrangement of reception of the wedding will not escape from the greeting, the procession of parents an families of both the couples, followed by the procession of the bride and groom coming together.

On the other hand, some receptions of wedding are poured champagne, toast of wedding, and share lots of meals. In the middle of the wedding event, the couple will also be asked to do a wedding cake procession, wedding kiss and thanks to invited guests plus take photos together with. Those are usually the conditions of the weddings.

Fun and Intimate Reception of Wedding Ideas
Fun and Intimate Reception of Wedding Ideas

Some Ways of Fun and Intimate Wedding Ideas Reception

There are lots of inspirations to make fun and intimate wedding ideas receptions. So, for a fun and intimate wedding reception, wedding couples may try to insert the following entertainment programs, such as:

  • Special Performance

This is the thing that what can be a highlight of reception of our wedding that is a special performance. Many ideas about special performances that we can present, for example appearing with a partner to sing a song together with, offering songs by a group of bridesmaids or groomsmen, to bring someone special like our favorite singer of wedding.

  • Couple Dance

It is one of the romantic traditions of our modern wedding reception. Wedding couples will be invited to the dance floor to do it together with. It usually with soft and super romantic songs. However, there are also wedding couples who like to see exciting and do anti-mainstream dances. For examples modern dance, flash mod and also so on. No matter whatever it is, for sure wedding couples dance is a cool an great wedding idea. That is worth a try because it can strengthen the couple’s relationship, both during practice or later when performing.

Couple Dance
Couple Dance
  • Gift Event Wedding Ideas

An exciting and intimate wedding must have to surely involve our beloved family as well. If that it is possible for us, wedding couples can prepare a surprise gift for their beloved parents and in laws. This gift giving event is guaranteed to add novelty an at the same time be the right place to thank the mother-father formally.

  • Throw Flowers Wedding Ideas

Throw flowers or as we know as bouquet toss is usually done to exclaim for women who want to let go of the next single period. For those who manage to get a hand bouquet, it is said to be the next wedding. It must have to be exciting waiting for the bridal flower toss.

  • After Wedding Party

We can try this bonus idea and apply it as the most recent wedding reception arrangement. It is usually the friends, some our special invitations and the bride and groom of wedding will continue the party all night long at a separate venue for the most memorable wedding celebration. This will make and leave a lasting impression that cannot be forgotten at any time.

After Wedding Party
After Wedding Party
Wedding Ideas with Interesting Entertainment

In a wedding, it certainly will always require an interesting entertainment, such as music or even other performances or other entertainments. It all aims to add to the impression of the excitement of our wedding and create more attraction of our wedding invited guests. Indeed, it is not easy for us to provide and create entertainment as our wedding ideas. In fact, we will be able to make a wedding celebration that is different from what we usually see on a wedding. There are many types of entertainment such as daftar idnplay poker party that we can adjust to our wedding party

To make it all come true, we need to understand and know in advance about what wedding entertainments that we can provide and present at our wedding party. We must have to know about make wedding ideas with interesting entertainment that are different from usual. So, it will creates the different nuances of our wedding.

The Ways to Make Wedding Ideas by Providing Different Entertainment

There are so many ways for us to make wedding ideas with providing and creating different entertainments. If we want to realize it on our wedding, we can follow some many ways of it below.

  • Provide Mass Karaoke

Not everyone is willing to set aside their money for the bride and groom on a wedding. But maybe they will be happy if asked to vote. There are so many collective figures of arts. Managing karaoke organizers we can be rented for our wedding. In addition to being skilled at tracking songs from various eras and genres. The musicians are skilled at compiling song lists according to client’s tastes. This karaoke service already includes a microphone, projector, screen, an a collection of music videos accompanied by lyrics.

Mass Karaoke
Mass Karaoke
  • Silent Party of Wedding Ideas

Large wedding party is dreamed of by many couples, but not all neighbors are pleased with noise from it, that’s why wedding entertainment licenses are often hard to get. As a solution, the silent party is worth considering. In this wedding party, the music still plays, but its sound does not spread freely. There are many professional silent wedding party service providers, who are hired for wedding receptions located near places of worship or cemeteries. For each event, they have and provide about 100 headphones and wireless devices.

  • Sand Carving Art Wedding Ideas

Many brides like to expose their stories through photo or video presentations. But nowadays, there is a more artistic medium to do it, it is sand carving art wedding ideas. On the sand piled up on an acrylic box, the artist will form a series of images and compile 15 minutes stories.

Sand Carving Art Wedding Ideas
Sand Carving Art Wedding Ideas
  • Velfie Booth Wedding Ideas

Mobile phones with velfie features are indeed rife. But video booths have benefits in terms of property and editing, because it’s interesting to be presented as a gimmick at our wedding. The video booth, as offered by many booth experts. Record guests behavior in a room with thematic properties. Then in a short time edits the recording packages it in slow motion format for display on the screen.

Luxurious Wedding Ideas

Wedding is a special moment that should not be missed just like that. Surely, everyone has their dreams to make their wedding more memorable. One of them is through a beautiful wedding decoration. However, what if the costs for wedding decoration not too large enough? So, don’t worry, guys! We will be able still to make luxurious a wedding decoration and don’t need to spend much money on it. Some sources of information have prepared and provided these simple but still luxurious our wedding decoration ideas that we can emulate.

Luxurious Wedding Ideas
Luxurious Wedding Ideas

How to Make and Create Cheap but Luxurious Wedding Ideas

There are some ways about how to make and create cheap but luxurious wedding ideas. So, we can emulate all of them for our wedding receptions. They are:

  • Just enough with the colorful ribbon fabric we can make a backdrop that is funny and cheerful like this. Then, we can hang it on a small piece of wood as a support.
  • We may also show our happiness through memorable photos when dating. To beautify, we can use polaroid and clip on a rope like this. After that, add decorations of flowers in the edges to make it look more elegant and more suitable.
  • Liven up our wedding party with transparent balloons in which glitter paper was inserted. This colorful paper will make our decoration even more lively.
  • We may to make a spot to put photos of our extended family when they get married. If we do not have it, we can replace it with photos of our deceased our family who are gone, as if bringing back their figures and being happy with us.
  • There are no people who would have thought a white cloth like this could be an inexpensive but luxurious decoration of wedding. Hang it on the ceiling then we add small lights to make it feel more romantic.

Other Simple Wedding Decorations We Can Apply

Some other ways about our wedding decorations we can apply. It does not need much budgets to make all of them for our wedding. One of way is we can make the writing uses chalk on the blackboard as wedding decoration at the beautiful entrance. We may also add green leaves garnishes and twigs to make it all more charming. On the other way, we can hang round the paper lanterns on the top to beautify judi slot online party room. If there are no the paper lanterns, we can replace them with balloon lanterns attached to wool yarn. Well, we can make this by do it ourselves.

Luxurious Wedding Ideas
Luxurious Wedding Ideas

On the other hand, we can also decorate the table of our wedding guests with various flowers and green leaves planted in old tin cans like we thought before. So, we can still save our money because we prefer lots of green leaves over flowers. And, this is the way that hits as an inexpensive but luxurious our wedding decoration. We can prepare a backdrop for taking pictures by using flower decorations made of paper like this. Guaranteed, our photos will be very instagramable for us.

Wedding Ideas Decorations at Home

On holding a wedding reception at our home does not necessarily reduce the costs. We also have to pay attention to aspects of our wedding decoration that usually budget quite a lot. So, in order to make our budget more efficient, we can try to make our own wedding decorations at our home.

Hiring experts for us to make decorations of wedding certainly costs a lot. Rather than being consumed with mere prestige, the decoration of homemade are actually quite adequate. With using our right tricks at, the results will be not less lively. Even more, it will be memorable in this once in a lifetime moment for us who want to make a wedding reception.

Wedding Ideas Decorations at Home
Wedding Ideas Decorations at Home

How to Create the Inspiration for Decoration of Wedding at Our Home

To make lots of methods about our wedding reception, we must have to know about how to create the inspiration for decoration of our wedding at our home. Because it is one way of wedding ideas for us to make simpler wedding but it still looks perfect. As for the ways that we can do in designing of weddings are including:

  1. Guest Board of Wedding Ideas

The guest boards are very important, but that are often forgotten by us all. Like a yellow leaf, a guest sign signifies the location of our wedding. We just need a whiteboard or blackboard, flowers, leaves, wires, and markers to create it. On the other hand, the contents of the writing are brief, one of important thing is the bride’s names and the time the event of wedding is in it. That would be better to apply typography when we are writing names on the board.

  1. Signboard of Wedding Ideas

If the event of our wedding reception is in outdoor, we can try by making a sign as a sweetener. So, this signboard of our wedding can be made by using wood or plywood. We just install it in the middle of the wedding event location or in the entrance for invited our wedding guests. Then, we may decorate it with flower arrangements or ribbons. Besides showing the direction, it is without a board can be unique photo spot on our wedding.

Signboard of Wedding Ideas
Signboard of Wedding Ideas
  1. Curtains for Backdrop

The curtains can be used by us to cover the back of the aisle or photo booth. If there is a wall behind it, just attach curtains to the wall, then we can add decorations like a circle of flowers in front of it. However, if there are no walls, we may rent a pole to support curtains. We can choose and determine neutral colors like white color to make it easier to decorate.

  1. Balloons with Tendrils of Flowers

We can put balloons at various points of the venue. We choose a balloon with a white color to be in line with the nuances of our wedding. If we want it looks more different than usual, we can give flowers tendrils underneath. We just attach the strings as a handle for the balloon. Then, we stick flowers and leaves along that strings.

Low Budget Decoration Wedding Ideas

There are lots of things we must have to prepare if we want to hold a wedding. It’s so much the times and costs spent are not enough to prepare all of them. Especially, it is in the category the decorations of wedding. We will be able to realize the concept of our dream wedding simpler and more inexpensive. The things that we must have think are how to create low budget decoration wedding ideas.

In fact, many people dare to owe in order to realize a wedding that can be remembered for a long life. We must pay everything, don’t feel spending on a wedding has touched and broke through about hundreds of millions. In fact, we can save and earn our money from if the details on preparing anything, it is including decorations of a wedding. It is quite a lot of we know the decorations that don’t drain the bag and help us and potential economical partner.

Low Budget Decoration Wedding Ideas
Low Budget Decoration Wedding Ideas

Before we find out more about saving our money decorations of wedding, we need to calculate the costs first. There are a lot of information have made a rough calculation of wedding costs along with decorations of wedding for our invited guests at any rate. Here are our wedding needs when they viewed from the proposal to the wedding reception.

Garden Theme Wedding Ideas
Garden Theme Wedding Ideas

They are application costs, pre wedding costs, invitation costs, souvenir costs, brides costs, bridesmaid companion costs, transportation costs, wedding administration costs plus cleaning costs, the building rental costs, decoration, lighting and audio costs, Master of Ceremony Costs, photographer and print costs, video costs, Music event costs, wedding organizer costs, catering costs and wedding cake costs. If we want to know about anything about all of them, we can check out the full review below.

Simple Decoration Theme of Wedding Ideas

We can make simple decoration wedding themes by using great themes of it. One of way is making the concept of a wedding simpler and minimal invited our guests. This is the examples of simple wedding decoration themes and ideas that we can apply on.

  • Garden Theme Wedding Ideas

Choice and determine of garden as a wedding venue is usually much preferred by many couples on a wedding. However, it is not only in the open space the concept of garden theme wedding can be applied by us. We will be able to bring the feel of a green and romantic garden with the decorations of trees and flowers too into our wedding receptions area. It is including on our indoor wedding area.

Garden Theme Wedding Ideas
Garden Theme Wedding Ideas
  • Vintage Theme Wedding Ideas

The vintage has a wider range of ideas and themes. We can take a simple friend from the 20s era, 80s funky style, and also many more. We must have to think about it and choose the safe concept that we want to take and determine. But remember, don’t let the theme is nice but it can makes us and our couple more complicated. It is usually that most wedding parties take the inspiration from novels or films that are famous and popular at the time.