How to Create Fun and Intimate Reception of Wedding Ideas

The composition of our wedding reception for each couple in Indonesia is on average quite standard and easier to predict. In general, the arrangement of reception of the wedding will not escape from the greeting, the procession of parents an families of both the couples, followed by the procession of the bride and groom coming together.

On the other hand, some receptions of wedding are poured champagne, toast of wedding, and share lots of meals. In the middle of the wedding event, the couple will also be asked to do a wedding cake procession, wedding kiss and thanks to invited guests plus take photos together with. Those are usually the conditions of the weddings.

Fun and Intimate Reception of Wedding Ideas
Fun and Intimate Reception of Wedding Ideas

Some Ways of Fun and Intimate Wedding Ideas Reception

There are lots of inspirations to make fun and intimate wedding ideas receptions. So, for a fun and intimate wedding reception, wedding couples may try to insert the following entertainment programs, such as:

  • Special Performance

This is the thing that what can be a highlight of reception of our wedding that is a special performance. Many ideas about special performances that we can present, for example appearing with a partner to sing a song together with, offering songs by a group of bridesmaids or groomsmen, to bring someone special like our favorite singer of wedding.

  • Couple Dance

It is one of the romantic traditions of our modern wedding reception. Wedding couples will be invited to the dance floor to do it together with. It usually with soft and super romantic songs. However, there are also wedding couples who like to see exciting and do anti-mainstream dances. For examples modern dance, flash mod and also so on. No matter whatever it is, for sure wedding couples dance is a cool an great wedding idea. That is worth a try because it can strengthen the couple’s relationship, both during practice or later when performing.

Couple Dance
Couple Dance
  • Gift Event Wedding Ideas

An exciting and intimate wedding must have to surely involve our beloved family as well. If that it is possible for us, wedding couples can prepare a surprise gift for their beloved parents and in laws. This gift giving event is guaranteed to add novelty an at the same time be the right place to thank the mother-father formally.

  • Throw Flowers Wedding Ideas

Throw flowers or as we know as bouquet toss is usually done to exclaim for women who want to let go of the next single period. For those who manage to get a hand bouquet, it is said to be the next wedding. It must have to be exciting waiting for the bridal flower toss.

  • After Wedding Party

We can try this bonus idea and apply it as the most recent wedding reception arrangement. It is usually the friends, some our special invitations and the bride and groom of wedding will continue the party all night long at a separate venue for the most memorable wedding celebration. This will make and leave a lasting impression that cannot be forgotten at any time.

After Wedding Party
After Wedding Party

Make a Wedding Ideas with Interesting Entertainment that are Different from Usual and Its Benefits

In a wedding, it certainly will always require an interesting entertainment, such as music or even other performances or other entertainments. It all aims to add to the impression of the excitement of our wedding and create more attraction of our wedding invited guests. Indeed, it is not easy for us to provide and create entertainment as our wedding ideas. In fact, we will be able to make a wedding celebration that is different from what we usually see on a wedding. There are many types of entertainment such as daftar idnplay poker party that we can adjust to our wedding party

To make it all come true, we need to understand and know in advance about what wedding entertainments that we can provide and present at our wedding party. We must have to know about make wedding ideas with interesting entertainment that are different from usual. So, it will creates the different nuances of our wedding.

The Ways to Make Wedding Ideas by Providing Different Entertainment

There are so many ways for us to make wedding ideas with providing and creating different entertainments. If we want to realize it on our wedding, we can follow some many ways of it below.

  • Provide Mass Karaoke

Not everyone is willing to set aside their money for the bride and groom on a wedding. But maybe they will be happy if asked to vote. There are so many collective figures of arts. Managing karaoke organizers we can be rented for our wedding. In addition to being skilled at tracking songs from various eras and genres. The musicians are skilled at compiling song lists according to client’s tastes. This karaoke service already includes a microphone, projector, screen, an a collection of music videos accompanied by lyrics.

Mass Karaoke
Mass Karaoke
  • Silent Party of Wedding Ideas

Large wedding party is dreamed of by many couples, but not all neighbors are pleased with noise from it, that’s why wedding entertainment licenses are often hard to get. As a solution, the silent party is worth considering. In this wedding party, the music still plays, but its sound does not spread freely. There are many professional silent wedding party service providers, who are hired for wedding receptions located near places of worship or cemeteries. For each event, they have and provide about 100 headphones and wireless devices.

  • Sand Carving Art Wedding Ideas

Many brides like to expose their stories through photo or video presentations. But nowadays, there is a more artistic medium to do it, it is sand carving art wedding ideas. On the sand piled up on an acrylic box, the artist will form a series of images and compile 15 minutes stories.

Sand Carving Art Wedding Ideas
Sand Carving Art Wedding Ideas
  • Velfie Booth Wedding Ideas

Mobile phones with velfie features are indeed rife. But video booths have benefits in terms of property and editing, because it’s interesting to be presented as a gimmick at our wedding. The video booth, as offered by many booth experts. Record guests behavior in a room with thematic properties. Then in a short time edits the recording packages it in slow motion format for display on the screen.