How to Realize a Wedding Ideas Theme with Using Regional Traditions

Wedding Ideas Theme

As we know that everyone wants a wedding that is modern wedding and up to date. However, on the other hand, there are also people who want a wedding that does not want to leave their traditional impression, both local and customary areas abroad. But it still also wants to show its modern impression. That means that it can be called a contemporary our wedding style.

There are many wedding inspirations with regional themes that we can determine and apply or understand it. So that later we are not mistaken in preparing everything for our wedding. But before that, we also need to adjust and consider how much we have to pay to realize a wedding ideas theme by using regional traditions. The budget will usually be more expensive than a normal wedding.

The Ways to Use Regional Traditions of Wedding Ideas

Nowadays, there are many wedding decoration service providers that offer many and varied advantages. One of them is providing regional traditions of wedding. We just to suitable all for our wedding needs. In essence, we want to create a different atmosphere in our wedding. We can imitate some styles of wedding with using regional tradition themes, below.

  • Village Nuance in the Building Wedding Ideas

Getting back to the village experience can be obtained even if we choose a luxurious building as a wedding receptions location. We can replace the flowers with choosing some of green leaves from banana trees as a background. But not only that, the aisle is also made of bamboo rattan in order to bring the impression of a thick village. Everybody think that it is a great way to choose for wedding more unique.

Wedding Ideas
Wedding Ideas
  • Japanese Theme Wedding Ideas

Rather than choosing a kebaya of an international style dress. This bride actually wears a kimono to give a Japanese style of wedding feel to her wedding. The Japanese theme is also displayed from the cherry trees and the distinctive red gate. If we want to have a wedding decorations more different than usual, we may choose it as better way.

Japanese Theme Wedding Ideas
Japanese Theme Wedding Ideas
  • European Empire Wedding Ideas

Magnificent and luxurious European royal wedding decorations will make the bride like a prince and princess in a day of wedding. There’s no need to bother looking for a reception location that resembles a typical European royal ornament there. With a three dimensional backdrop that looks majestic like the design of fourteen fifteen design house and el decoration. We can realize our dream of being a princess in one day.

European Empire Wedding Ideas
European Empire Wedding Ideas
  • Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Minimalist wedding decoration but still looks bold with structural lines is not only attractive to be used as home decoration, but also a wedding party. We can replace the flowers with placing a succulent terrarium or choosing a clean white color to build this theme of our wedding ideas. This theme of wedding ideas will make us more satisfied and it is one of the exact choices to choose from. Don’t forget to prepare everything needs!