Some Ways to Create Unique Decorations of Wedding Ideas

Decorations of Wedding Ideas

Everyone surely wants a unique wedding that can impress the invited wedding guests. A wedding will usually be made as well as possible and as much as possible because it will only be held once in a lifetime. Therefore, many of us create creative wedding ideas that can realize all of our dreams in a wedding.

One of the priorities of everyone to make a wedding so interesting is how to create unique decorations for our wedding parties and receptions. There are so many inspirations for us to create unique decorations for our wedding to make them look more impressive. Although the costs to be incurred for it are quite large.

Unique Decorations of Wedding Ideas

To make unique decorations of wedding ideas, we can apply innovations of it according to what something that need in this time for a wedding. It will be easier for us to do if we want to sacrifice time, thought and cost. Here are some unique decorations for weddings that we can apply on our wedding. Among them are:

  1. The Javanese Nuances in a Green Park Wedding Ideas

The thick Javanese theme is not always illustrated by the traditional gebyok wedding model. A casual outdoor wedding party can also be tucked in with a touch of classic Javanese like the decorations performed by the Indonesian “dalang”. The wooden chair is replaced by a backdrop wrapped in batik, while the tables are added with several cushions as a guest seats which makes the party atmosphere seem warm.

Javanese wedding
Javanese wedding
  1. Make Fun Wedding

Wedding decorations are not always made romantic with hundreds of flowers. To get a warm and casual wedding party, bright colors can be used as decorations. As inspirations, decorations of paper flowers, ribbons and colorful windmills created by Jonquilla decoration can be applied.

Fun Wedding
Fun Wedding
  1. Garden Room Wedding Ideas

Having an outdoor wedding is indeed full of risks, such as rain or other bad weather. But, if our dream wedding is a wedding in the garden, why we are not bringing a garden into the reception building like this. The nuances of the park are felt with the aisle made completely green and full of flowers, but the atmosphere is certainly more comfortable because it is inside the building.

  1. The Legendary of The Beatles Wedding Ideas

For fans of the legendary musicians of the Beatles will get a lot of inspiration. After seeing outdoor wedding decorations conducted by leave-decoration. The garden wedding party was conjured up with a retro feel. Plus the pictorial attributes of the British band made the Beatles wedding theme even more total.

Beatles Wedding Ideas
Beatles Wedding Ideas
  1. Full Flower Wedding Ideas Sofia Vergara

The wedding of Sofia Vergara and an actor Joe Manganiello is the dream of many women in the world, including in Indonesia. The entire ballroom to the aisle is covered in millions of flowers. It is dominated by white color, feel classic but romantic and timeless. Even more than that wedding, we can make and create even more unique wedding decorations.