Holding a Shari’i Style Wedding Ideas and Its Facts

Making a beautiful wedding party and according to our wishes is the dream of every person who will get married. Although the concept of international- style luxury wedding is now increasingly popular with young people today, but nit a few also want to make a simple wedding ideas reception in accordance with Islamic law.

As muslims with the largest majority in Indonesia, the wedding party has also been arranged in such a way as to be in accordance with what was ordered by Allah. Wedding is according to Islamic sharia is also called shari’i wedding or shari’i marriage. If we are curious about what the facts about this shari’I wedding are, we can check out the full reviews below.

  1. Marriage Contract Without The Bride Shown

On a wedding contract, it is very common when the bride is next to the man when makes a pledge of loyalty before the prince. However, in a shari’I wedding, the bride must not be shown publicly before being legally married. In fact, it’s good if the bride is not shown at all in front of male guests. This is intended to keep the bride who is appearing all out with different makeup than usual. This is great wedding ideas based on religion.

Marriage Contract Without The Bride Shown
Marriage Contract Without The Bride Shown
  1. The Male and Female Wedding Guests who Come Must be Separated

Other thing that distinguishes shar’I wedding from marriage in general is a separate place between male and female wedding guests. Indeed, it might look more complicated, but actually the purposes of this separation are very noble. The goal, surely is that male and female wedding guests do not cross paths directly.

  1. Meals for Male and Female Invited Guests are Separated

In addition to a separate guest rooms, it surely for meals must also be separated. The wedding owners are encouraged to provide the best and sufficient meals with the number of guests invited because this is a wedding party to share the happiness of the bridal couple. One thing that must not be violated also is that there should be no alcohol or non-halal food in the food served.

Invited Guests are Separated
Invited Guests are Separated
  1. Expand Chairs So That There are No Guests Invited who Eat while Standing

The number of seats provided at a wedding must have also be considered. As the host, we must have to provide enough seats with the number of guests invited present. According to the sunnah of the Prophet, eating and drinking should be done while sitting. If the chairs provided are not enough, then how will invited guests feel comfortable when eating or chatting with other friends present? Therefore, standing wedding parties are not recommended in this shar’I wedding. It is not good wedding ideas to provide standing wedding parties.

  1. Simple Bride Makeup

Generally, the bride is made up thick so she can look different on her wedding day. However, this does not apply to shar’I wedding. Instead, the bride should be made up with simple and natural makeup so as not to overdo it. Because Islam religion does not encourage women to overdo themselves.